24in48 Readathon - Hour 1 Progress Report

You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost): A Memoir - Felicia Day

Well, this is it. This weekend I am attempting to spend 24 out of 48 hours reading. I've kicked it off with a one-hour reading session from an autobiography written by the Queen of Geeks herself, Felicia Day. I ADORE her and admire and respect her endlessly, because let's face it: she's unabashedly weird, she's very smart, and she's sickeningly talented and funny. Naturally, she's also pretty, because why not give her everything?


But I digress.


This book is a fun one to kick off the weekend with, despite my headache and weird eye issues. Thankfully, those are finally maybe going away a little bit, which means I should have my vision back properly soon.


Oh god I hope so. It's really hard to read, play video games, and watch things when one eye is blurred to all hell.


Again, I digress.


So far, I'm only two chapters into Felicia Day's rather fabulous autobiography, covering her weird upbringing - it's genuinely weird, you guys, trust me - and how she became so fabulously nerdy. The book has her signature self-deprecating sense of humor within, as well as nerdy jokes and references and plenty of embarrassing pictures of her as a kid/teenager for the reader to enjoy. Thus far, I definitely recommend this to anybody who is so much as a casual, passing fan of hers.


And, because there's some thing with providing proof of my reading if I want to go for the full 24 hours, here's a screenshot to accompany this update: