Incredibly Fun, but with its Flaws

A Promise of Fire - Amanda Bouchet

A Promise of Fire, Amanda Bouchet's 2016 debut, was an incredibly fun paranormal romance, if you can call it that, with a base in mythology. Catalia, while a bit annoying, was overall fairly strong and enjoyable to read. Griffin, however, was much more flawed, as he decided the best start to a relationship was to kidnap Cat.


Well, no. That's not romantic at all, but I read the book eagerly with hopes that it would improve. With hopes that the action would be more common than anything else. While I found myself jerked out of the storyline a couple of times with the "oh my god he's so hot" nonsense, it wasn't too often or too terrible. Cat was simply a very stream-of-consciousness thinker throughout and by the end I was okay with that.


Overall, I thought it was an impressive debut, with a few things that pulled me out here and there, but not enough to really harm it in my eyes.