Breath of Reallybadsexscenes (or Fire)

Breath of Fire - Amanda Bouchet

Warning: Language. Lots of it, and I'm not apologizing.


Holy. Sweet. Mother. of God. Please stop it with the bad sex scenes, Bouchet. They were numerous, and in the first few chapters of the book they were saddled with mental and even a little physical abuse. HOW is this supposed to make me believe Cat and Griffin have found mutual love and respect?


And the Griffin refusing to acknowledge that Cat can fend for herself? Nope. Not working for me. She saved his life multiple times, as well as that of the rest of the team, and that was in the FIRST BOOK ALONE. Yes, asshat, she can fight. Get over yourself.


Suffice it to say, I hate Griffin. At the end of the book, with the attempt at explaining why he acted that way (by the way, how in hell would he be able to tell? I'm definitely not convinced by any of it), I still hated him and thought he was a total prick. I'll be reading the third, though, partially because the author eventually figured out that fade-to-black is a thing which she will hopefully continue to employ and partially because when it's not bogged down with craptastic sex scenes the plot itself is pretty good, if unevenly paced at times.


There is one plot hole that's bugging the hell out of me, though: how the fuck did Kato and Cat get up that damn cliff by the lake?


I guess this is why I'm not meant to read romance, like, ever.