24 in 48 Readathon

A few things worth knowing about me:


1) I'm prone to random whims. This is true in terms of jobs I'll apply for, books I'll read, and even one time a vacation I booked. To my credit, my boyfriend had agreed to take said vacation, I just had no patience and didn't let something silly like an actual conversation to decide on a date stop me from going ahead.


2) I really like to read and tend to not be limited in what I read. If it sounds interesting, I'll try it.


3) Have I mentioned the things about being prone to random whims? Because I am.


4) I'm nowhere near as funny as I think I am. Probably. So you're probably not laughing right now and just think I'm kind of weird, but that's ok. We'll forgive each other.


5) I am 100% uncomfortable with certain events currently taking place in the USA. You can probably guess what it is I'm uncomfortable with, given that a large portion of the population currently feels the same way.


That said, I have decided to sign up for the 24in48 Readathon - https://24in48.com/ - which is happening this weekend. Part of this is my desire to take my mind off the state of things (see #5 above). Some weird part of my brain tells me reading is a great way to separate myself from how dumb I think the world is, and that part may be onto something.


Another thing is simply that I felt like it BECAUSE of how much I love to read. Since I'll have a full 48 hours to get my 24 hours-worth of reading in, it will be easy enough for me to read as much as I say I'm going to. And I'm honestly looking forward to this, because, again, I love to read and I have a lot of books I want to read. I'm not sure what I'll read yet, but that's ok.


And finally, I feel like bombarding my almost non-existent followers with posts and updates that I find funny, but you probably don't. That's okay, honestly, because I'm writing this book blog thing for me, not you. If I feel like overwhelming you with posts, I will, and I'll have fun doing it.


That said, go sign up! Join me in the madness and we can read half the weekend away together.